Sunday, August 23, 2009

TOM's sweet exit

<-- My bloated fat self on the 4th of July with my good friend from high school. Anyway, I was 11.6 then and that's what I still am. I guess I should be happy that I have maintained since then but darn it ... I'm tired of maintaining ... I want this weight off. I'm losing days before I make it t o Disney. If I don't lose weight quick then I know my hips are gonna be in pain from those seats that are made for normal size butts! =)
So TOM is gone so I'm back on track ... went for a walk with the hubby & daughter during church breaks. Tomorrow I'll be back to logging in my food, exercise & all that good jazz. Looking forward to getting back on track ... the walk made me remember how much I love to work out.
Plan of action for tomorrow is to get up early & walk with hubby then jet off to do all the errands before school starts. Once their done with their school work then DD & I will be doing the Yoga Booty Ballet video. She's still a bean pole but she's got a bit of a belly from sitting at the computer all summer long. Not good! I'm teaching her bad habits. Anyway, I'm not leaving my fast growing son out of the workout department, I just know yoga isn't his thang. So while DD & I are getting our yoga groove on he will be doing the Wii Fit program. Don't care which one he does as long as he's sweating his bum off for at least 30 minutes. he he he I'm such a mean mom. The boy keeps growing ... he's now taller than me at 5'7 ... a whole inch ... he wears a 36/30 jean which is the same size that DH wears. Yup he's gonna be a BIG guy! I don't mind him being a big guy but I want him to have muscle ... not flab.

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  1. Thats my problem.. Haven't moved my fat ass in a while. Does Monkey lovin' count??? lol