Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sidetracked by TOM

OMG ... TOM came in & I can'r seem to eat. IDK, am I weird or something? Most women I know eat like a horse when TOM is here but for me I have no desire toeat anything at all. Of course the week after all I want is food & lots of it. I haven't been able to hit my points at all this week. I got close yesterday but only because I had a chocolate c overed frozen banana that was 4 points. How sad is that? Today I may hit my points ... only 23, so far it's notlooking good though. It's after 10 am & I've only had 1 point ... that's from a cup of coffee. I've felt so crummy that I haven't even exercised. I know I will feel better if I do but I can't motivate myself enough to get up. I guess for the week I'm just not gonna try cause I know I won't feel like eating which means I won't have the energy for exercise. When TOM leaves, I'm back on track.


  1. When TOM visits me, I eat everything! LOL

    Lucky you!

    Have a good Friday.

  2. Hey girl..... You know you can do this. I know I can do this...together we can do it together. Just tell me how to get alerts on your entries and how to tell others about my journal too. Still trying to figure this blog