Friday, August 28, 2009

Re-weigh in

I'm so happy this morning despite my lack of sleep. I just couldn't get over my weight gain yesterday so I decided to re-weigh myself this morning. So glad I did. The scale was lower. 211.2! Still higher then I want it to be but at least I can see the numbers decreasing which makes it easier to stay the course.

Food: 19/22 points

I just can't seem to get my points in the last couple of days. I'm not hungry at all & trying to force myself to eat isn't working out to well.

b= protien bar (4), ff milk (2), apple (1), 2 c water
l= pita (1), hummus (1), carrots (0), lettuce (0), 2 c water , strawberries (0)
d= chicken alfredo (7), peas (1), 4 c water
s= ww fudge bar (1), coffee (1)

water: 8 cups
cardio: 1.5 mile walk, 30 min step
steps: 10,439

Notes: I think I may have twisted my knee this morning. We were doing the neighborhood walk this morning & I turned back (while still walking forward) to see what a noise was. I felt a shooting pain right under my knee cap. It's been hurting ever since. Doesn't matter if I'm sitting still or up walking on it. It's a dull ache. I'll pop a motrin and see how it feels in the morning. I'm hoping I can get some sleep tonight. Hubby is working 3rd shift and comes in around 1:15 am. He can't sleep so he wakes me up for matress dancing. I told him if he ever does it again I'm gonna wake him up at 6 in the morning. The little brat started laughing at me ... so I woke him up this morning at 6 so he could start the day just like me. He didn't want to get up but I didn't last night either. =) He ended up sleeping this afternoon but I swear ... he better not wake me up for that chit again. I need my sleep too.


  1. Stay off that scale!! I swear those things are evil. They keep adding a few pounds to drive us nuts! LOL

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Yeah but I lost so I'm good. I don't plan on getting back on it for at least a week. I'm hoping in that time I will see a good loss.