Monday, July 14, 2008

EVIL ...

... is killing me!

So all last week I was ahead of our girl EVIL (a.k.a. Christina) ... then I wake up this morning, Smiley On Computer check my e-mail only to learn that she is now ahead of me on miles. Not just by 1 or 2 either, 7 miles ahead of me. Now ... I just can't have that. So as much as I bumped up my cardio last week I will have to bump it up even more this week. smiley bike This morning I peddled myself for 42 minutes, I reached 18.6 miles. he he he I'm ahead again. I can't stop there either ... later today I'll be doing a little steppin too ... smiley stepper I'm tired of being a looser!!!

Evil and Good so EVIL ... don't get to comfortable this week cause sweet little Emmi is angelically going to kick your evil tail all over the place!


  1. LMAO... I got you again *sweetie*  I am going on vacation on Wednesday.  You might have the SLIGHTEST chance of getting more miles than me this week.  I know they have a gym, but don't know what kind of equipment is there.  I will be working hard to keep up with you, but will not be able to check in to see how you are doing for the week and how I am doing either.  It will be a total surprise for both of us.  Just remember to stick to our deal.... only 5 days of exercise this week...

  2. Gee, I'm feeling like i should be stepping up my exercise program! LOL

  3. Emmi, Emmi, Emmi! (that's a cheer) now I must go visit evil to be  fair! hehehe

  4. crazybabygirl716July 14, 2008 at 5:08 PM

    lol too funny! you can do it tho!!!

  5. This think is going great for the two of you I am catching up though I am hitting more steps everyday I hate being behind too ...