Monday, July 21, 2008

Video Alert

Billy Blanks' Tae-Bo - Get Celebrity Fit - CardioI didn't buy this one ... I did the sampler from exercise on demand. OMG ... I want this video, it is hard core tae-bo.

This workout slams into fast gear from the start and maintains that pace throughout the entire workout. I've been doing Turbo Jam for awhile now so thought I wouldn't have any problems keeping up with Billy. OMG ... I felt like I have never exercised a day in my flippin life. I'm not kidding you ... this is a kick you in the butt workout!

It was definitely a challenge, but a rewarding one. I finished the workout drenched, but energized. Aside from a few combinations (that will take a few tries to nail, if you're choreographically challenged), the routines are fairly easy to follow. Billy Blanks was energized, encouraging and playful throughout the DVD.

While I wouldn't recommend this for beginners or as a first Billy Blanks/Tae Bo workout, I thought it was a great, fun and even motivational workout. Wish I'd kept up with my old Billy Blanks workouts! Guess I'll have to break them out until I can afford this set.


  1. I could never keep up with Taebo!

  2. I LOVE BILLY BLANKS.... I have his taebo and boot camp videos.  I need to dig them out.