Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random acts of Fitness

So here I have been for months/years trying to lose weight and not kill myself in the process. DH is such a dear & is always sending me e-mails about ways to lose weight. He called me just last night on his way from work letting me know that he's listening to a wellness station that says if I take this certain supplement the weight will just melt off of me. Well, DH has never had a problem with his weight ... NEVER in the 15 years we have been together but now he's getting older & doesn't have to get up at the crack of dawn for PT ... he's getting a little belly on him. Now, I of course don't mind the little belly he's got going on ... what I do mind is him complaining about his pants not fitting him anymore. I mind because when I complain the first thing he will say is stop complaining or do something about it. I'm taking the higher ground with that man of mine ... I've been saying "baby, lets got for a walk", "hey sweetie, try this shake, it's to die for" ... this is my way of showing random acts of fitness!

If you're not comfortable with talking to loved ones about the touchy subjects of health and weight loss, you can still help them lead healthier lives by practicing "random acts of fitness." There are dozens of small things you can do every day to make healthy living as easy as possible. Sometimes, you end up helping create good habits without them even realizing it.

And in the true spirit of being a positive force, when you give your time and energy with any of these random acts, you get just as much in return.

Some ideas (in random order of course):

  • Make sure you talk to them about other things besides weight loss and fitness.
  • Plan an active activity after dinner.
  • Make it a habit to play outdoor games together.
  • Give "active" gifts, like personal training packages, a bicycle, roller blades, etc.
  • Start a garden that you can work on together.
  • Plan a "surprise" hike.
  • Suggest walking more than driving.
  • Take everyone on a canoe trip.
  • Make their exercise a priority. Wash their gym clothes without being asked, do a chore for them so they have time. Make it easy for them.
  • Opt for activities as an excuse to spend time together.
  • Turn off the TV and hide the remote. <--- I thought DH was gonna kill me over this one. he he he

 <--- my silly but very loveable DH


  1. Enjoy your day today.

  2. These are great tips Emmi I love this entry .

  3. Look at all the sensitivity and wisdom we have learned all these years while dealing with our weight issues.  You are so lucky to have your DH in your life!!!  BUT he is even luckier to have you!!!

  4. Emmi, You are doing a great job with your weight loss, I think you are gorgeous no matter what your weight is, Love Ya Lisa