Thursday, July 10, 2008

Video of the Day Dance It Off is approximately 51 minutes with warm up and cool down. Jennifer Galardi instructs and does a good job of cueing, considering how much choreography there is! There's 4 segments beyond the warm up/cool down: Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz (my favorite), and Ballet (not my favorite). I'm not a fan of the ballet segment, as Jennifer does not work to the beat of the music and I felt that the movements were a little too fast to be effective. I usually just skip the ballet section and go directly to the cool down for 41 minutes total.

People with carpet will have a Heck of a time doing some of the movements...especially the Latin box moves! There's lots of twisting movements to prepare to modify (or buy some non-treaded dance shoes, which will probably work like a charm on low-pile carpet). There's also a bit of impact that is easy to modify. I don't recommend a lot of the twisting because my knees give me problems with fast twisting. I just march back in place during the twists!

As I said earlier, there's lots and lots of dance moves in this one...I wasn't able to pick it all up the 1st time around, but after a few times, I feel pretty comfortable with the moves. I'll probably never be able to move exactly like the ladies do ... but it sure is fun trying. And unlike a lot of dance workouts out there, my heart rate got going pretty good!

Recommend to intermediates with some dance workout experience or the ability to pick up steps quickly. I got this at several months back for about $10.


  1. This looks like a good video and I am sure if you keep doing it, you will be able to do exactly what they are doing

  2. I actually have this one! I am so uncoordinated I mess up but still have fun and get some exercise- Dannelle

  3. crazybabygirl716July 10, 2008 at 1:34 PM

    You must have a library full of workout videos!... i wish! lol.... hope all is well!