Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lets Go-Go Dancin'

Crunch: Cardio Go-Go DanceCourtney Gypsy Clarke has a very upbeat, cute personality & always encouraging. She has 6 backup girls all different ethnics & one who actually doesn't have rock hard abs. They all stay perky with her & don't seem bored at all during this 40 min workout.
The moves start up mostly about shoulder rolls & shakes ala burlesque style in the warm up for 4 min, but goes quickly to go-go style, a hint of latin (salsa & cha-chas), a lot of 60s (pony), 70s disco, a touch of hip hop & the cool down had some body rolls.
You learn a move, repeat it 4-5x or more, then build up into a routine after every new move after that. There are about 4-5 different routines you learn.
All the moves are relatively easy, she broke down one or 2 moves that she thought might need it. She never goes half speed or slower. She doesn't give any body movement cues that will help you to figure it out anymore then mimicking by watching, just mostly calls out the name she gives the move.
Most of the moves were corny in my opinion but dang ... I LOVE corny. =), she even throws in hops for no reason other then to build up the heart rate & a couple moves just had kicking forward, I was thinking, "What, are we doing kickboxing now?"  There were lots of moves I did like, 80% of it.  I like Gypsy, I liked the pace of the workout, the repetition & routine style & hope there's another dvd with more recent moves that are more sensual/fluid instead of jumpy, child-like cute.
Beginners would like this, those who like corny dances like Yoga Booty Ballet does (though I love their yoga/toning), and people who exercise somewhat regularly could use this as a moderate day.

Ok ... enough about this fabulous video. Miss EVIL aka Christina is giving me a run for my money on the miles challenge this month. I'm kicking everything up several notches just to break even with her skinny ass. =) I am refusing to lose another month to her ... second place is no longer an option for me. She can have 2nd place this time around. Everyone knows that 2nd place is just a fancy term for 1st place LOSER!!!! he he he Can't me if ya can Christina .. I just finished 12.6 miles on my bike.


  1. Check out the stripper-bar class on your vid here! Pretty good stuff for cardio!

  2. crazybabygirl716July 9, 2008 at 11:21 AM

    You can do it! Seems like a good video... Looks like another one I'll have to look into! :)

  3. YOU can be the *first place loser* AGAIN.  My soon to be skinny ass is staying right where it is... in the #1 spot.  Proud of you for kickin it up.  Makes you feel good when you are working out so hard.  I know I do.  See ya at the finish line!! (i'll be waiting for

  4. Emmi, I'll go - go dance with you, Hugs Lisa