Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Firming with the Firm

The Firm - Ultimate Calorie BlasterI'm stunned by some of the reviews I found that said they didn't work up a sweat with this DVD. I'm a regular exerciser and rotate an extensive library. I used this one for the first time today and was able to keep up with most of the footwork and moves, probably because of many cardio routines that feature some of the same moves. I was dripping by the time I got done and feel I got an amazing workout. 

If you're a beginning to The Firm, be prepared for a learning curve, but it WILL get easier. As is the case with many of The Firm routines, I have more trouble transitioning to one section to the other as they tend to use the Transfirmer like this, then that, then no Transfirmer, then on the incline, then to the side. I get annoyed, but have to admit that their routines aren't boring and you often feel as if you've accomplished something when you can do them well.

I thought Stephanie Huckabee (instructor) did a particularly good job of cueing this routine. She's pleasant and encouraging without being annoying. I also liked the approximately 45 minute length.

I have particularly enjoyed this video. This routine is going into my regular rotation, as I thought it was a good workout and was enjoyable to do. If you're looking for a cardio routine that keeps you and the time moving quickly, I recommend this. Regulars of Firm cardio routines will recognize the steps and catch on quickly. Newcomers to the Firm may experience a slightly longer learning curve.

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  1. With all your reviews this week, guess I'll be buying some workout videos over the weekend.