Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th

Happy 4th a day late. I had a house full of people from morning til night then we went on post to watch the fireworks show. I forgot to take my camera but that's ok. Because we went so late we didn't get a very good spot for viewing anyway. It was crowded more than usual last night. I guess the gas prices kept people hanging around the area instead of going out of town like usual.

I did horrible with my food yesterday & I must admit ... I didn't & still don't feel guilty about 1 single thing that I ate. I have watched my calorie intake all week long & only 2 days out of the whole week did I go over 1000 calories so I doubt 1 day of gorgging myself with allt he crap that you should never eat while on a diet is going to do long term damage.

I had a decent breakfast this morning at around 500 calories then exercised. I did a 9 mile bike ride in 20 minutes then went right into a 2 mile walk in 27 minutes. I've already burned 418 calories!!! I woke up with an abundance of energy so I doubt I will leave my cardio where it is. I think part of my renewed energy is I stopped taking the med's the doc put me on. I haven't been having much luck with the med's. They were supposed to stop the tingling/numbness in my feet ... and it did but the side effects were much worse then my initial problem. I was so moody I could barely stand to be around myself ... I was gaining weight ... 207.6 yesterday morning ... major swelling all over my body, I looked like a freak! Never hungry & so sick to my stomach I wanted to puke when I did eat. The worst part about it though ... I would get so upset of nothing & the first thing that would come to mind is everyone would be better off without me. NOT GOOD!!! It was just to horrible to continue with the med's. The doc will just have to understand me taking myself off of them.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great 4th ... mine was really nice.


  1. Send me some of your energy!  I only managed to wake up, and make it to the computer! LOL

  2. I am glad you and yours had a great time I am skimming journals I am so behind you are getting one comment every five entries lol

  3. Emmi, glad you had a good 4'th of July, Love Lisa