Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Rockin' Book

Crack the Fat-Loss Code by Wendy Chant: Book Cover Ok ... so most of you know by now that I love to collect workout videos, well I also love to collect books about fitness & nutrition. Last week I picked up First magazine & found a very intriging plan called "Crack the Fat Loss Code". Well, I have been doing the magazine plan all week long & am down 2.5 pounds in 4 days. I was so impressed with finally seeing the scale go down instead of up that I purchased the book online yesterday. Can't wait til it gets here. Anyhoo ... below is a sample of how you eat to lose. If you try this plan ... please comment back with your success. I'm not asking for comments if you dont; have success cause if you stick to it ... I know you will. I say this cause absolutely nothing else that I have tried has worked. The sample comes from week 4 in the authurs 8 week program. Good luck my friends ...

Baseline Day:

Meal 1 Protein & Starch (Oatmeal mixed with protein powder, or an equivalent alternative ...she lists alternatives in the book or just mix an appropriate starch and protein)
Meal 2 Protein (Cottage cheese or an equivalent alternate that's mostly protein)
Meal 3 Protein, Starch, Vegetable (3-4 oz (for women) tuna, chicken, or turkey, 1/2 cup rice (or other appropriate starch), salad or broccoli) or something similar
Meal 4 Protein and Fat (2-3 oz turkey breast and cheese wrapped in romaine) or something similar...other ideas in the book
Meal 5 Protein, Vegetable, Fat (4-6 oz broiled salmon or halibut, 1 c steamed asparagus, salad with tomato, cucumber, olive oil & vinegar or low calorie/low sugar dressing)
Meal 6 Protein (protein shake - she gives recipes for livening up a protein shake so it's not just the powder & water)

You can modify everything if you only want 4 meals a day.

Sample High Carb Day non-diabetic (2x a week for week 4...other weeks vary; it's an 8 week plan)

Meal 1 Protein, Starch (eggs on a bagel)
Meal 2 Protein Fruit (cottage cheese and an apple) or equiv, you don't have to have cottage cheese if you'd rather have a different protein
Meal 3 Protein, Vegetable, Fat (chicken ceasar salad with croutons if you want them)
Meal 4 Protein, Starch, Sweets or Fruit (6 inch roast beef & swiss sub on whole wheat, small bag of chips, fruit or sweets)
Meal 5 Protein,Starch, Sweets Fruit or Alcohol (1-2 slices pepperoni pizza (meats okay but no extra cheese, and don't pig out)

Sample Carb-down day (precedes a carb-up day)
Meal 1 (mushroom & spinach omelet)
Meal 2 (cottage cheese)
Meal 3 (grilled chicken, broccoli, rice)
Meal 4 (3-4 oz turkey breast, 1-2 slices cheese, wrapped in lettuce with mustard or light mayonnaise)
Meal 5 (4-6 oz broiled salmon, steamed veggies and salad)
Meal 6 (protein shake)

This doesn't do justice to the actual plan, it's really worth reading - but there's a sample if you're wondering what it looks like.


  1. I like the idea of eating more often! LOL

  2. that is very interesting , when do you go back to the doctor..

  3. Emmi, that book looks awesome !!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  4. This book sounds really interesting.  It seems to be working for you.  Stick with it!!