Friday, July 18, 2008

Where's Evil?

Evil and Good By now most of you know that EVIL (aka Christina) & I are in a heated race to see who can walk, jog, bike, or dance their way to the end of the month with the most miles. My girl EVIL sent a text message this morning to let me know where she is at ... 57.6 miles and sitting by the pool soaking up some rays. I'm here at home walking/riding my angel feathers into dust ... 66.5 miles to be exact. I still have to workout today or I know she will leave me eating her dust again this week. I don't think so!

My eating is pretty much in check this week ... not really hungry, probably because it's so darned hot outside. I don't know how anyone can eat in all this heat. Today's high is 97 degrees with 100% humidity. I couldn't even put on my make-up this morning without seeing little beads of sweat forming on my forhead & upper lip. That right there makes me not want to wear make-up. Maybe I should go back to tanning my face with tanning lotions so it looks like I'm wearing make-up. =)

I have no clue where I'm at on the scale ... I do know what I weighed at the Dr's on Tuesday but I don't know how accurate that really was. It said 207.9 but I was wearing all my clothes/shoes plus TOM came in last night so I was holding on to some water. No matter the weight ... it was a loss since the end of last month their scale weighed me at 211 point something. So it's a loss!!! I'm happy about it. I'm sure sooner or later all these miles I'm racking up will lead to a bigger loss. I'm also hoping to hear something about all the test that were run. I don't want there to be something wrong with me but I would love to know why no matter what I try ... the weight just won't come off. Real weight that stays off longer than a week. I honestly don't think the 211 was real weight since I was so swollen when I went ... oh well, what can a girl do? GET A NEW DOCTOR ... again!

Ok, so I'm outta here, gonna go rack up some miles so Evil has no chance of catching me.

UPDATE: I got my groovy spin on. =D So Miss Christina, I just finished 20 miles on my bike & then went right into a 2 mile walk & a 15 minute medium dance routine. I was rocking the house. I'm considering doing another10 miles later on tonight just so there isn't a chance that you'll catch me! =P

Below is a look at my activity for the week ... calories burned also! If I don't lose weight this week then there has got to be a problem. 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat. As you can tell at the bottom of the chart ... I blew right past 3500 calories. You will see ... no cardio for me on the weekends, just because it doesn't show up doesn't mean I won't do something. I just don't count weekend miles in this challenge. Major hugs to all ... and to Evil, a beautiful angelic smile. =)  Oh ... in case your wondering, I have a total of 91 miles for the week! Next week I'm going for 100! Catch me if ya can ...

Stationary Bicycling: moderate (bike, biking) 42 470
  Dancing: Fast, ballet, twist 25 240
Walk 15 min/mile 120 864
Stationary Bicycling: moderate (bike, biking) 20 224
  Stationary Bicycling: moderate (bike, biking) 20 224
  Dancing: Fast, ballet, twist 25 240
Stationary Bicycling: moderate (bike, biking) 20 224
  Stationary Bicycling: vigorous (bike, biking) 20 336
  Walk 15 min/mile 30 216
  Dancing: Fast, ballet, twist 10 96
Stationary Bicycling: vigorous (bike, biking) 30 504
  Running: 12 min/mile (jogging) 35 448
397 4086


  1. You go girl!

  2. Wow... you really burned some calories!! You go girl! So proud! You can do it!!!!

  3. LMAO.... Here you go writing a whole entry about us...I love it.  You might have beaten me this week, but I am gonna blow you away.  No way in hell those pretty little angel feathers are gonna leave a trail for me to follow... You come right down to the gates of hell and bow to the queen of the bike...LOL
    ps... great job!!!