Friday, August 29, 2008

The 9" Diet

The easiest thing you can do to save on calories is to change the size of your plate. The idea is that your plate will look fuller, and you'll eat fewer calories. I actually think this is a really good piece of advice. I myself have switched over to my salad plates after realizing my dinner plates are so large that they don;t fit in my dishwasher.

There's a new book coming out called the 9-inch diet. Two authors have colaborated their knowledge to help us fatties out. he he he "The 9-Inch Diet."

Obviously you don't need to read an entire book to understand how using a smaller plate may reduce your portion sizes, there has to be more to the diet than that. I may just have to pick up this book to add to my collection.

I'm intrigued. It might be worth a read just to find out how we're being duped into overeating, but I can't imagine that, as far as diet advice goes, they've got anything new to share.

Have you tried using a smaller plate or bowl? Did it work for you? Would you be willing to change the size of your dinner plate to shave off some calories? I'm interested in knowing.


  1. My mind wandered with the title....the 9" diet. hehehe nada damn thing about dinner plates was even considered in my thoughts!


  2. Right after Donna died, I went out and bought 6 small plates for me and the girls to eat off of.  Put the other ones away for when company comes  It really makes your plate look like it has a lot of food on it, but then you can be me and take some food off cus it looks like i am eating like an oinker!!

  3. Sometimes I use smaller plates but I like to chase my food around so it gets more exercise before I eat it! lol Dannelle

  4. I do use a smaller plate, and I think it does help at mealtime.  Of course, it's the snacking in between meals that I can get pretty bad about!

  5. But I can have TWO servings, right?!??!?!   = )