Thursday, August 21, 2008

Company Hault!

he he he. I was set on doing a dance video until I opened the video cabnet up & saw a video that I haven't done in ages.

Crunch: Belly Butt and Thighs BootcampI really like Crunch workouts and this one is another great one from them. This is easy to follow and it's only 40 minutes all up so it won't be long before you're done with a great workout that is fun to do and helps you tone up.

It's made up of aerobic/toning intervals and they go in easy stages and progress to harder variations. There aren't any ultra dancy moves so if you aren't coordinated you'll get this down.

All the moves (aerobic and toning) are done with a base move that you can stay with or move with the transitions into more intense moves. I like this because you can get a more effective workout, or back down if you are working too hard.

The instructor, Teri, is outgoing and encouraging and the entire dvd is a lot of fun. This is probably more geared for beginner to intermediate, but even if you are already quite fit, you'll still enjoy this a lot. I do!

I found this at Walmart for under $10 and it was a great buy! No equipment needed except a mat if your on a hard surface.


  1. Emmi, You find the best videos, Hugs Lisa

  2. damn it girl... i NEVER remember to do videos at home.  I really need to remember to get them out so I see them & then DO THEM....LOL!!!

  3. I'm exhausted just looking at the woman on the cover!  Did you notice her abs?

  4. I saw where you deleted your what chaps journal I am glad everything is going well with you and yours