Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Video of the Day

Yoga Booty Ballet 2 Discs: A.M. Latte/Goddess AbsThis is a 2 disc set. I purchased mine at Target for about $20.

Great way to wake up or energize during the day when feeling sluggish.. The instructors tell you that you can start in bed if you wish ... I don't really like this concept as it's so relaxing I would just go right back to sleep!

Laying down 3 min - tensing/releasing one body part at a time from toes to head, then several body parts to help wake up your body.

Sitting - yoga pose lion (which helps increase energy & facial beauty) about 3x. Next is while still sitting on your heels, the spinal flexibility kundalini pose of flexing/extending your spine w/breath to increase energy for 2 min (def good cardio workout). For rest is a mudra hand positions & mantra to balance out your left & right side of your body, and a quick wake up of lightly patting all over your body to wake up the skin & refresh for 2 min. Last is a mudra of thinking of what you want while you hold up your hands (good arm strengthener.)

Cardio - 10 min - simple fast steps & rolling hands, steps with opening up of the hip, bring arms up, pulling elbows back, flicking wrist, walking & light cute kicks, etc. all very simple & easy moves to help get your circulation going throughout your body w/o being hard so you want to move even more. Ends in simple plies.

Ballet - 4 min - Side leg lifts with arms in 3 diff ballet positions on each side, done 2 times, stretching for 1 min their signature glut stretch of one foot resting on the other & dipping down, then plies & balancing on tip toes for 1 min.

Yoga - 3 min - sun salutations, but very slowly for those new at yoga, very slow mountain, then back forth with standing fwd bends, then on to plank, upward dog & downward dog only a few times & then child's pose

Ending mudras - sitting simple cross legged and doing 2 mudras for trusting yourself and another.

They did a great job for slowly helping when you feel sluggish to go w/o feeling overwhelmed. Teigh & Gillian were sweating nicely from the leg lifts, it's great when they allow that realism instead of always doing makeup touch ups so you feel alone that you feel bad that you are tired.
You can actually see a clip of the cardio section on youtube for this from TotalFitnessDVDs com.

Only 20 min including the 3 min for intro & mudra

It starts with sitting normal on the floor & stretching w/squishy ball but you don't need one, the turning the waist stretching & other mind stretching & movements to warm you up. Next lying down is legs crossed at ankles legs toward chest lifts, different types of crunches with arms or legs or both, 1 arm/shoulder lifts to do obliques, locust for abs, bridge, straight leg drops instead of lifts, and other similar ab work, nothing major, they are quite careful with those who may have limited flexibility. Ends with some good lying spinal twist.
What makes them great is the affirmations & once you get past the mudra at the beginning, they move so fast, it doesn't even feel like 15 min before it's over.

Like all the other yoga booty ballets, they really get me excited to pop in the disk to want to work out more since I am in decent shape. For those in great shape, it's also good as a warm up or a very light day. For those out of shape, its a fun workout.


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