Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's my Party

My pitty party ...

I don't know what my deal is this week but I have been in a real slump. I know some of it probably has to do with TOM coming for a visit but it's never been this bad so I'm thinking there is more going on then just TOM playing with my emotions.

Now that school has started I have become more involved with what the kids are doing ... it's a little harder this year with a 7th grader who is doing math problems that I don't ever remember doing. He's doing algebra, base 2,5,10,and 16. I finally understood what was going on yesterday and then it all gets changed today. I hope the explanations come easier then they have been so teaching DS won't be as complicated for me or in the end for him.

DD is lucky, she's learning stuff that I taught last year & know how to do it all. Just basic half algebra ... stuff like N + 13=24 kinda stuff then basic 2 digit multipication & division.

DH is sick or in an ill mood which is making me cranky. When he left for work this afternoon I didn't even care that he was leaving. He was such an ass before he left that I just needed to be away from him before I said things I didn't really mean. I hate when he is sick cause he's the biggest frickin' baby on this earth. He can't just stay in bed like when he was a soldier ... he actually has to go to work. Hey Florida ... send some of that rain this way ... we need the rain & DH doesn't have to work when it's raining!

As for me ... well I'm just in a pisser. Yeah TOM is coming but it has a lot to do with this damned weight. I need help ... it's obvious I can't do it on my own but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for either. I was doing the book diet for the last 3 weeks but over the weekend I hat lots of carbs which meant I had to go back to week one ... that thought made me sick to my stomach. I haven't weighed in or went back on program since. I am still exercising & watching my portions but nothing like what the book has.

Today I had 4 cups of coffee and a bowl of cereal for breakfast, lunch will be ham & cheese sandwhich grilled, dinner will be shrimp in wheat pasta with broccoli ... snack ... I don't know yet.

I did my morning walk at 6:30 this morning ... it felt good but really slow. Took me 20 min to do a little over a mile. I'll have to do some decent cardio this afternoon to make up for it. I'm thinking hip hop dance instead of yoga booty ballet. I can tell I'm losing inches with those videos but I want to burn the butter too.

Where are all my weight loss buddies? I text & your either busy or you are just ignoring me. WTF?



  1. Damn girl... i am here!!!! I am so self absorbed in my own little pity party, it is making ME sick.  I will call you later and we can kick each others asses!!!  I need it and you need it...LOL.  

  2. Awwwwwww I'm here for you hon, had a bad day today too, hope you feel better, Love Ya Lisa

  3. Hey, it must be something in the water!!!!  LOL  I was in a really crappy mood earlier....just getting really burned out with the restaurant and all the crap I have to deal with daily.  I have 2 kids at home, I don't need a whole staff full of them also.  I'm thinking of cancelling my Y membership since I'm lucky if i make it there once a week.  I know I'm getting walking in all day and all nite, but it's just not the same.  My butt and tummy are too jiggly for what I weigh!!  Hope your day got better.  Hugs, Michele