Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Video of the Day

 I picked up this video as a lot sale on ebay. 28 videos for like $20 + S&h. Great deal. The lot was VHS tapes so I was worried that not many would turn out good let alone in great shape. This video is AMAZING!!! 

Being a not so skinny gal, I want a workout that will help me get good muscle tone and shed the flab. This video definitely delivered! The video starts out with about a 10 minute warm-up. I found the warm-up to be a little too long. After the warm-up, the video goes into the aerobic interval segments. First you do the low-impact aerobic steps, then you go to your weights. Then back to aerobic steps, then back to weights, and so on... The steps in this video are very easy to learn. I am very coordinated so the moves were a piece of cake for me. I would have to say even for the uncoordinated lady after about six times through the steps you'll pretty well have them memorized. The weights in the workout really help tone your arms. The participants in the video used small hand weights -- 2 to 5 pounds -- but I can see advancing to 10- pound weights quickly.

After the main part of the aerobics and weights, there is a section doing various types of squats. One of the squats were very hard on my knees, but I normally have knee problems. I think that section of squats should be re-evaluated. I ended up modifying that section of the squats. I have to remember that this is a video from the late 90's & things have really changed since then.

As I have progressed and used this video more and more, I've had to modify the video to make it more difficult for myself. During the squats -- in addition to modifying the section of squats that hurt my knees -- I added weights and adjusted the number of reps I do. Another great way to make the squats more intense is to jump up out of the squat. BIOMETRICS baby! =) Sure to be a butt burner ... firmer!

The video ends with abdominals. These exercises killed me when I first did them, but I as I progressed they became easier. As you progress if you really focus of the muscles then you can still get an amazing abdominal workout in. The key is to ALWAYS focus on the muscle being worked. If you need more then the video allows ... do more.

This video is good for beginners and intermediate exercisers. If you areadvanced, you will have to modify this video to make it more challenging.

The only real drawbacks to this video are the one section of squats that I mentioned earlier, and also, I think that after a while, the moves to this video become very monotnous and boring. I get bored easily though, that's why I change up my videos every day.

Overall, I am giving this video four stars. It will definitely help you get into shape and tone your body. If you are new to exercising, this workout will definitely make you sweat. It is also very good that weights are used because they really help to tone your arm muscles. Plus, they say that using weights increases metabolism more than just cardio alone.

Great for beginners/intermediate. ...

You can find this on ebay or for pennies. It's a great buy!


  1. This video wouldn't work for me.  I can't stand Kathie Lee! LOL

  2. Ditto Missie.... could NOT listen to Kathie Lee for any length of time!!  LOL!!!


  3. I'm going to give it a try.  Thanks for the recommendation.