Friday, August 29, 2008

A little bump & grind

Grind Workout: Fitness With FlavaI had wanted to get this when it first came out back in the days of the Grind. Today this tape is a little outdated but still fun. Eric is a little cheesy (yo yo yo!) but I still think he's cute! Tina Landon is awesome, altho her hair is really scary in this video. The moves are not too advanced but still fun for more experienced dancers. The thing I didn't like about this video (which is a common problem in workout videos) is that a lot of times when you're trying to watch what they're doing, they cut to a shot of someone's face for way too long and you miss the moves. But overall it's a fun tape, it got me moving & burning calories, also there are some basic yoga stretches at the end if you are interested in yoga. I don't think the warm-up should be as long as it is cause within the first 5 minutes I was warmed up & ready to go but they didn't get into the real dancing for another 10 minutes. Any video that has a 15 min warm-up is to long especially when the workout is pretty low impact.

I only got it for a $1 and the dance moves once you get them are fun & energetic ... I like out of the norm moves, their funky, their fresh ... it's old school! =) I think anyone who likes to dance and can get past the warm-up (fast forward ... I do) then you'll probably like this video.

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  1. I swear Emmi, lol you and those damn work out videos!
    Hope you enjoy this bump and girnd'N, break it down~~~