Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In need of Support

Not me this time around but for another lady who is at the beginning of her weight loss journey. Cheryl is a sweetie in desperate need of weight loss support. She has a journal which you can find HERE. Please show her some love.

As for me ... I'm famished today. I don't know what's wrong with me ... I'm so hungry but when I go to eat anything it seems to turn my stomach so much that I'm not able to eat yet I'm still hungry. I tried a new protein shake ... it's called a mocha shake ... ewww. It's instant coffee, ice cubes & chocolate proein powder. I think I prefer the protein shakes without anything added to them. Everything I have tried is just NASTY!!! I'm hoping dinner does it for me. DH is making dinner, broiled steak, steamed broccoli & a garden salad with low carb dressing. I'm praying that he doesn't over spice it. I just want to taste the natural goodness of the meat.

I haven't worked out yet although I will be doing my little 4 mile walk after dinner. Hoping for an awesome weigh in by weeks end. I'm truly hoping to make it to Onderland ... it's been so long since I've seen it ... I'm excited! I know I'm losing more than just weight, the inches are coming off too. Today I'm wearing 16 stretch jeans & I'm having to wear a belt to keep them from falling off. It's a little funny ... their so lose that I don't have to unbotton them to pull them down. Now that makes a girl feel good. Now if I can just get out of 16's forever. If their not made of stretch material then they fit perfect ... well except for one pair that must be a small 16 cause those bad boys cut me off to much to even put on.

Well, I'm off ... gotta catch up on all of your journals. Hugs!


  1. I stoped by Cheryl's journal and left her link to visit me.  The more of us we have to help support each other, the more likely we are to succed.

  2. I will go over and send some love hey girl I have my first watermelon and cantelope today from my very own garden lol

  3. Emmi, always here to support you, Hugs Lisa