Friday, August 22, 2008

Going to BollyWood

The Bollywood Dance Workout With HemalayaaI know it is a workout dvd, how can it be fun!? But really, Hemalyaa (and please dont ask me how to pronounce that name. I have no idea, sadly.) approaches the workout as playtime and makes the individual segments very enjoyable. The time just seems to fly by which is especially weird for an exercise dvd!

The dance "playtime" is exactly what you would expect to see in a Bollywood film. It combines hip-hop, basic belly dance, and just plain fun body movement to form a style that looks execptionally easy and fun- when Hemalyaa does it, not me. I probably look like a floundering chicken. But I dont care! I still had fun and it was a definite workout particulary in the upper thighs.

The choreography goes fast but is pretty well explained and they always redo all of the movements, so even when you feel like you have no idea what you are supposed to be doing the dancers will suddenly go back to moves that you have already mastered. Sometimes it is just fun to watch them dance for a minute- and I say that not just because I was slacking for that minute! =D

I needed something fresh from all of my other workout videos & since I love to dance & I had already tried my hand at this type of workout from a TV show on the fitness channel I figured I would love this & I do!

Food wise ... hmmm, not great but not horrible. I had cream of wheat for breakfast with 2 cups of coffee. Lunch was a quick bowl of cereal, snack was a 140 calories snack bar & dinner is going to be chicken curry & rice. Not many calories ... just not hungry. I guess TOM will show his nasty little face any minute since I'm not craving sweets now.

We have a storm coming in so I guess I need to be closing up shop for the night. No rain yet but a lot of wind.  I'm praying the neighbors tree doen't blow over into our house. I feel for them if it does cause DH has been on the rental company to trim the trees back & they keep telling us the owner doesn't see the need for it. The last time he spoke with the rental company he said make a note in your records that if a tree falls on my house I will be sueing the owner for damages that could have been avoided.

5 pm --> <-- We ARE NOT in the little red box. We are on the very left tip of green in Alabama. Like I said ... so far just a lot of wind, no rain which we desperatly need. The forcast is calling for a lot of rain for the next 5 days. I hope it doesn't skip us.

7pm -->

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