Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Clinic bound

Ok, I'm gonna be a little lazy here & just copy this next part from my Ass Chappin journal ... I would first like to say Thank You to all who have been urging me to go see the doc. I'm stubborn & hate to watse time & money over what I feel I can take care of myslef. I don't know why I'm like that ... but I am.

Ok, on with the entry ...

I know, I haven't made an entry in about a week. I have a good reason though ... I have been having a difficult time catching my breath. This started last Thurday after an intense workout. I didn't think much of it cause I had worked out really hard. Anyway, the next morning all was well again so again I did another high intensity workout ... not long after I found it hard to breath. Saturday morning I seemed ok but I didn't want to chance feeling bad so my workout was gonna be a 30 min light walk on my treadmil. 18 min. into it & I just couldn't go anymore. I was gasping for breath & I was only at 4.0 mph ... I usually am jogging at 5-6 mph. Anyway ... the rest of the day it felt like my heart was gonna beat right out of my chest. Sunday ... I couldn't take it anymore. I hadn't exercised at all & yet I was still feeling the heaviness in my chest. I went to the ER cause our clinic isn't open on the weekends. The nurse took my vitals said everything looked normal & asked me to have a seat in the waiting room til I was called. An hour later I still hadn't been called to the back ... my heart didn't feel like it was beating abnormally so I left. If everything was normal then why bother hanging around?

Well, I was supposed to set an appointment yesterday to see my doctor but honestly I woke up feeling bettert han I had in a really long time. I thought since it was so early in the morning I would try to get a workout in & if my heart starting feeling funny then I could call the doc. I felt even better after working out ... it was a very low impact dance video ... but it was still a nice workout. After lunch I was still feeling great so I did another dance video, I was making for sure I didn't over excert myself at all. Around dinner time I could feel my heart beating a little harder but nothing like the previous nights. My dad called to check on me (I was supposed to go to the doc & he wanted to know how it went). He was getting on my case for not going & I was talking a mile a minute to defend why I didn't. Out of no where I was having shortness of breath ... justsitting there talking to him. Then he says see ... ya need to go. So I caved & said I would have an appointment for today.

Same thing this morning ... feeling great, up at 5:30 ... did a 3 mile walk ... was sweating like a PIG but didn't have any hard beating going on in my chest. DH comes home & I tell him & he says doesn't matter ... your going. So now I have an appointment at 11:30 to see my new doctor. Don't know how it's gonna go but I did another workout ... a high step workout ... I feel fine still ... but at any rate, I'm gonna ask my doc to check my thyroid. There has got to be a reason why I'm not losing weight. My eating isn't all crazy & out of control & my exercise is right where I feel it should be.

I'll write more after my doc. visit.


  1. Emmi, you are in my thoughts, Hugs Lisa

  2. Hope all goes well at the doctors!

  3. lmao that is what ya get for having so many journals lmao I do the same thing girl check in as soon as you can