Monday, October 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Bash

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Calling all ladies in need of losing weight before the Holidays. Okay ... so the holidays are really almost here but we can't ever stop trying to lose weight. The D-I-E-T (did I eat that) group is having a challenge until Halloween (it's already underway) and now ThinChicks is getting ready for their Thanksgiving Bash challenge.
The challenge runs from the 22nd of October til the 23rd of November. I know ... final weigh in is the day after Thanksgiving. You do want to lose weight don't you? Temptation is always around but we're gonna prove that you don't have to fear the holidays because as long as you eat smart you can still lose.
My question is ... would you like to be a part of our challenge? In the past we have always done challenges one on one but this year we are partnering up. This challenge will be the most % lost instead of the most weight. (Thanks Sherry for all of your help). At the end ... the team to have lost the most weight in % will receive a prize via snail mail to congratulate them on a job well done.
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So what do you have to do?
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1. You have to check in at least once a week for weigh in's. Photos are prefered but I do understand that sometimes life happens and we can't get pics in. I lost my camera for almost a month once ... found it under my daughters bed. Yea ... not a happy camper!!!
2. You have to encourage your assigned partner to stick with a plan. Not give up. Remember your combined % is what is going to help you win the challenge.
3. Extra challenges will happen ... this is just to help you tone up ... you don't get points or anything for it but every extra thing done could make the difference in the end.
So ... are you interested? Would you like to shed some weight before the holidays? If the answer is yes then please click on our link & join the group. thinchicks : Thinning Chickadees 
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Bring a friend with ya & I'll make for sure your partnered up.
Don't wait to long to decide. The Thanksgiving Bash starts in 1 week. Come on ... what do you have to lose? Just weight!!
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Click here to join thinchicks
Click to join thinchicks


  1. This is an interesting concept. Sorry I've been missing I'm trying to catch up on everyone. I'll be back.
    Take care, Chrissie

  2. Emmi, I'm interested, Hugs Lisa

  3. oh girl I am so excited for you and I think you will love the percentages thing it takes the water weight right out of a challenge ... good luck I would love to but I may be working a job and I don't know how I would keep up