Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Laws of Success

I got this from a girl in one of my weight loss groups. Thanks Tammy.

1st Law:  THE LAW OF OWNERSHIP  If it's going to be, it's up to me!  Understand that if you are going to achieve results, it is going to be up to you.  No matter who educates or motivates you, it must be you who is willing to make and stick to the changes.


2nd Law:  THE LAW OF EFFORT  Success only comes before work in the dictionary.  Anything worth achieving is worth working for.  It will take dicipline, will power, character, persistence and a commitment to delayed gratification.


3rd Law:  THE LAW OF CONSISTENCY  Be relentless in your pursuit of success.  Consistency is the key to achieving any goal.  There are no short term quick fix solutions for improving your health and fitness.


4th Law:  THE LAW OF SELF-EFFICACY  Visualize extraordinary success.  You must believe you can do it.  Think of self esteem as a bank.  Each time you keep a promise to yourself, the store of self esteem gets bigger, making it easier to keep the next promise to yourself.

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  1. I loved this entry so much I copied it for both my journals and will put in the group database to remind us all only we can do it for ourselves
    thanks for sharing