Monday, October 15, 2007

Dieting Daze

Cal Fiber  Fat Carbs Prtn
Regular Coffee, 4 cup (8 fl oz) 9 0 0 0 1
Cream substitute, Coffee-mate fat free, 2 tbsp 20 0 0 4 0
Cream of Wheat Cereal (With Salt), 1.5 cup 224 2 1 47 7
Meal Totals 254 2 1 51 8
Michelina's Chicken Alfredo Florentine, 1 serving 270 2 6 38 15
Meal Totals 270 2 6 38 15
Schlotzsky's Deli Pilgrim Corn Chowder, 1.5 serving 426 2 26 59 3
Cheddar Cheese, 1 oz 114 0 9 0 7
Meal Totals 540 2 35 59 10
Granola Bars, soft, uncoated, chocolate chip, 1 bar (1.5 oz) 179 2 7 29 3
Yogurt, Yoplait Light, Strawberry, 6 oz 100 0 0 19 5
Banana, fresh, 1 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long) 109 3 1 28 1
Meal Totals 387 5 8 76 9
Daily Totals 1,451 11 50 224 42
Daily Goal 1500 - 1800 25 - 35 30 - 50 251 - 362 60 - 195


Not a bad day food wise ... much better then the weekend. Ok ... I have to confess a little here. Friday night we had a couple extra kids spending the night. We usually go for pizza but this time we went for hot dogs ... DH made baked chicken, broccolli, & white rice. Not bad your saying. Well before the kids got here I made peanut butter chocolate cookies. Just 9 cookies but I had 2 of them. DH made a key lime pie & I said I wasn't going to have a slice ... but I did. On a good note, I was tempted to have potato chips later int he night with DH but I chose to go to bed instead.

Now onto Saturday. DH made waffles which I got a little upset about because he kept adding things to it so I lost count of the calories. It had bananas, walnuts, brown sugar & Lord only knows what else he put in it after I left the room. I decided against the syrup ... they tasted really plain but I figured it would save me some calories. Lunch wasn't good ... we went to a Chinese place that we had never been to before. I didn't do great ... their sweet & sour chicken & sauce was the best I have ever had so I had 6 pieces of the chicken with a small bowl of sauce. I had a good size spoonful of their noodes to ... oh and a crb rangoon. Told ya, I was a very bad girl. Later int he day we were still out of the house when we all got an attack of the munchies. I got a diet soda which was a great choice but then I just had to have the bag of peanut M&M's. It was soooo darn good though. Dinner was just a bowl of cereal ... I didn't feel like cooking after a day of running & neither did DH.

Yesterday ... I don't even remember what breakfast was =( but I know that we went to a Mexican place for lunch. I didn't clean my plate like I used to (I think it's cause the meat tasted funny) but I did have a good portion of it. I didn't exercise at all ... we walked around this new place that is building homes. If we did a home tour then we would get $250 vouchers for a cruise. Sounded like fun! We found an amazing house but there is no way we could afford the thing. $315 k. I know for some of my readers that's pretty normal but in our area ... it's not. We pain just under 80k for our 1700 sf home that is 20 years old ... the new construction right behind us is no higher than $185k. Anyway ... we took the information with us ... plus our free vouchers that will probably never get used. Came home & became couch potatoes. I had another diet pepsi with a bag of peanut M&M's. (small bag but still should have skipped it). Dinner ... to tired to cook so I had a bowl of frosted flakes.

Today ... as you saw above is so much better.

On to my cardio. I did exercise Friday, Sunday & today. I was int he mood to break out my step so that's just what I did.

 <-- Friday ... 40 min low impact step

  <-- Sunday 30 min high impact

 <-- Today. 30 min high impact kick ass circuit. Thought I was never going to make it through this one ... but I did.


  1. I am still stuck at the KEY LIME PIE part
    LOL, at least you are not just eating stuff and not working out.
    But yeah, key lime pie mmmm


  2. Don't beat yourself up over how bad you did.  You did great by admitting your bad girl eating habits and starting fresh  Keep it going, don't lose focus.  I want a *lighter* partner come next

  3. Awwwww Emmi , do'nt beay yourself up over one slip, you are doing great, I am so proud of you, Hugs Lisa, by the way is it ok if I pimp your weight loss group tommorow night, got hit with a double whammy tonight, Hugs Lisa

  4. I want key lime pie! lol That's ok... dust urself off, and start back up! you've already admitted the problem.. now you just have to go from there.