Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stepping up the Cardio

I wanted to surpass what SparkPeople had set for me for the week & I did. I'm gonna try to do even more this week. I only ended up losing 2 oz for the week. As some of my friends said ... it's better than gaining or maintaining. This is true but it's hard to swallow when I workout so hard. This week I'm going to really have to watch what I'm eating to. I've had take out 3 times this week ... not horrible choices but it is take out & that's not good for my pocketbook or waist line. I had a subway 6 inch club one night, no chips, then a bacon cheddar ranch salad the next night, then last night I had a bacon cheese burger with fries from the local diner. It was good but I shouldn't have cleard my plate.

Below is my cardio for the week. Not so bad at all!

CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE FOR THE WEEK OF 10/14/2007 - 10/20/2007      
Aerobics: Step: High Impact 30 480
Circuit Training 30 384
  Aerobics: Step: Low Impact 30 336
Dancing: Fast, ballet, twist 50 480
Dancing: Slow, Waltz, Foxtrot 10 48
  Walk 15 min/mile 30 216
  Dancing: Fast, ballet, twist 30 288
Aerobics: Step: High Impact 30 480
240 2712


  1. Emmi, keep up the good work !!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  2. I think you're doing good.. even if u do have the take out... you're ALWAYS exercising... more than I can say for myself!