Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cardio Burn

I don't know if I'll make it to my 3500 calories' burned goal by the end of the week but I'm going to be doing everything possible to get myself there. This afternoon I had some energy left so I went for a step routine. I haven't done this one in a few weeks so it was a very nice change. I didn't do the weight training portion of the video cause I worked my shoulders yesterday & a bit this morning.

 Interested in this & more of Cathe's videos? Click on CATHE ... she has tons of videos. You can also catch her on FitTV first thing in the morning. I found mine ... actually the whole set at our local good will for $1 each. It was to good a deal to pass up ... I got them all plus some others of hers. =D


Volume Four "All Step" in our series of six provides you with a fast paced warm up, a high energy step routine featuring a fresh mix of classic favorites along with new challenging choreography, a complete shoulder workout, a thorough abdominal routine, and a soothing stretch. 

All Step......6 minute active  warm up,  22 minutes intense step aerobics, 10 minutes all SHOULDER exercises, ABS  10 minutes,  5 minute stretch. 


Aerobics: General: Low Impact 35 308
  Pilates 10 40
  Aerobics: Step: High Impact 30 480


OMG ... I just realized I burned 828 calories in cardio today. No wonder I feel so pooped. Off to have a snack ... just an apple & a bottle of water.


  1. You sure did burn alot of calories Miss Thang....you are such an inspiration!


  2. Emmi, good job, Hugs Lisa

  3. Good job today!

  4. way to go girl you are burnig it up literally keep up the good work