Monday, November 12, 2007

TC Challenge & Video of the Day

Exercise Animations
Starting Position
Sit on floor with knees slightly bent, feet hip-width apart. Keep back straight, abs in, heels on the floor. Loop band around the soles of the feet, then cross the ends/handles over shins so right hand holds left handle and left hand holds right handle, palms facing down.

EXHALE: Pull hands toward chest so elbows and fists are at or near shoulder level, pinching shoulder blades together at the end of the movement. INHALE: Slowly return to starting position to complete one rep.

Special Instructions
Make it harder: Spread feet apart so they lie on the band closer to handles for more resistance. Make it easier: Do not cross handles and keep feet close together at center of band. Make sure the band is secure around your feet.

Muscles Worked: Upper back, Triceps

Crunch: Cardio Go-Go DanceGuess who got a new workout video over the weekend? =D  Found it at Walmart for under $10. I'm never worried about Crunch videos cause I haven't found one that I didn't like well enough to regret buying. Still contemplating buying Dancing with the Stars. I love to dance but I also love to have instruction!

I was somewhat surprised by how much I enjoyed this DVD. It's an all-cardio dance workout which is accompanied by various styles of dance music, much of it having a jazz, broadway, funk or disco flare interwoven into a modern techno/electronica sound. The all-female exercisers are dressed in varying colorful, cute outfits and the instructor, Gypsy Clark, is perfectly fitting for this workout with her peppy, upbeat personality. What I especially enjoyed about this video is that many of the dance moves were relatively new to me and seemed fluid, fresh and feminine, which is a nice change of pace from the standard cha chas and mambos I'm used to. Although this is mostly lower impact, it will elevate your heart rate, especially once you've mastered the moves enough to really throw yourself into them to increase the intensity. Overall this is a fun, girly workout suitable for beginners, on lighter intensity days, or for anyone who likes dance workouts and is looking for something new and exciting to try!

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  1. Girl you always get the best deals .. looks like fun