Friday, November 30, 2007

Video of the Day

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You can only get this video if you subscribe to Prevention magazine for a year but WOW is it worth it if you love to walk indoors.

If you love Leslie Sansone walking videos then you won't for long cause this new walk video was surpases Leslies. It has fresh & fun walking moves that keep you interested in the workout. The music is upbeat & the instructor encourages you every step of the way. The video has 3 different walks or the option to combined all three into one nice brisk workout. The only thing you will need besides your body is a pair of walking shoes and a light set of weights. IMO ... you can go heavier then the 3 lb suggestion as the moves are fairly slow & there aren't many reps to each 1 min. set.

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  1. Found your journal through the aol home page and was checking out your info you have here.  Comes in handy!  Thanks for sharing this :)