Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Video of the Day

Yoga Booty Ballet 2-Disc Set: Light & Easy / Latin FlavorThis package includes two workouts, each about 40 minutes and incorporating an intro with new age / yoga style "intention setting", dancey cardio (about 15-20 minutes), approximately 10-15 minutes of toning and a short yoga cooldown. The workouts are taught in an indoor classroom setting with live druming but what seems like recorded music.

The Light & Easy workout is more appropriate for beginners, with a slower pace, more traditional aerobics moves, and less overall intensity. It finishes with some pretty traditional ab work incorporating a squishy ball (comes with a coupon to get it through mail). The only thing I did not like about this workout is during the intention setting, when they usually have you put your hands in a "cria", the one for this particular workout was surprisingly strenuous--flapping your arms up and down for what seemed like forever. It was the most difficult part of the workout for me. I have shoulder problems & haven't been able to complete the whole set.

The Latin workout incorporates Latin music and a few familiar steps such as flamenco and mambo, and some totally original creations of Gillian & Teigh. I love the choreography in this workout, although it is a bit hard to follow at times and I know I look ridiculous doing it. True, there is not much instruction or technique, but I think the focus in this workout is not doing the steps exactly right but getting moving and having a good time. Even the dancers in the room are not all doing the exact same thing. I find I get really bogged down and frustrated in videos that focus too much on dance instruction and getting your hips moving exactly the right way and I don't get a good workout. Here I don't worry about it and just move.

What I like best:
I like that the choreography is different, fun, and not focused on being a perfect dancer. Although Teigh and Gillian can be corny at times, they are endearing and motivating. I enjoy the fact that they're focused more on being your best self than losing weight. I like that the workouts are short and include many different aspects - yoga, dance, toning - so I neverget bored.

What I do not like:
There is way too much taking it from the top. You learn one new thing and then have to take it from the top...over and over. You end up only doing the very end of the dance once. On some YBB lives, they even stop in the middle of the routine, so you never get to do the complete routine in its entirety. This just seems really poorly planned. I would prefer either breaking it up into sections ~5 mins each or just learning more steps before starting at the beginning again, and then doing it from the top twice at the very end once you've learned the whole thing. Also they always start on the same leg and there is really not a whole lot of effort towards getting the same balance on both legs.

Despite these problems, these are workouts I continue to look forward to again and again.

I purchased mine online at www.target.com I think I paid >20 for both.

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  1. That video looks like a good one, Hugs Lisa