Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Video of the Day

Crunch - Candlelight YogaThis workout is visually stunning. Fuchsia mats have been spread around a wood floor in a room filled with vanilla candles. The candles are on the floor, up on stands, simply everywhere!

The curtains flow gently between brick walls and in the background you can see an opaque glass window. Sara is wearing a beautiful blue top while everyone in the room is also wearing colors of equal beauty. Imagine violet, lime green, lemon yellow, orange and powdery blue.

This workout reminds me of yoga in a temple. There is a spirituality about the entire workout that is different than the outdoor workouts or more strenuous vinyasa type workouts. This video tends to encourage you to relax more and look inward to encourage your inner beauty.

The purpose of this workout is to teach you to relax at will. Halfway through the workout, I was ready to just climb into bed and sleep blissfully until morning. The music and candlelight allows the tension to drain from your body as you breathe deeply.

The instructor has been doing yoga for a long time and she says learning to relax at will allows you to be in control of your energy. With Sara Ivanhoe giving you gentle instruction, you can stretch your way into tranquility. I loved her instruction, it was calming and you can see her inner beauty, calm and love for yoga.

Some of the poses include: cat pose, arch curl, side stretch, downward dog, sitting twists, tree pose, butterfly stretch. You won't have to worry about doing the Chaturanga or anything that is stressful, fast or complicated. These poses melt the body into sleep and must have been chosen to release tension and improve balance and flexibility.

You will need a sticky mat, a towel and a cushion. A strap can be used to help you move further into some of the poses.

A Gentle Yoga Routine for the evening before drifting off to sleep. A definite "must-have" yoga video for your collection.
As a bonus, there is an energizing workout too.

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  1. I would definately be too antsy to do this one.  Gotta move faster for me.