Monday, November 19, 2007

Video of the Day

Denise Austin: Blast Away The Pounds - Indoor Walk (Full Frame)The package says; In Denise Austin's "Blast Away The Pounds: Indoor Walk," 3 Complete 1-Mile Programs, you will receive the health and weight-loss benefits of walking up to three miles outside - from your own living room! The program consists of three walking-based workouts with increased intensity, each focused on engaging both the lower and the upper body for maximum calorie burning while increasing your stamina and endurance. The Complete Walking Program: "Easy Walk" - Tailored for those unaccustomed to regular exercise, this 15-minute walk is also the perfect calorie-burning exercise for before or after dinner. Calorie Burning Equivalent: 1 Outdoor-Walking Mile. "Fat Blasting Interval Walk" - This 15-minute cardio walk gets the heart pumping, energy flowing and fat burning by alternating pace intensity and between lower-body and upper-body moves. It's the perfect metabolism-boosting workout. Calorie Burning Equivalent: 1 Outdoor-Walking Mile. "Power Walk And Tone" - This vigorous 15-minute routine combines power walking and sculpting techniques to firm and tone the major muscles, while blasting away pounds for a sleek and slender body. Calorie Burning Equivalent: 1 Outdoor-Walking Mile. "Stretch" - Designed to relax and tone all major muscles and joints, this 10-minute bonus stretch is the perfect way to jump-start and unwind your day.

Now ... what do I think? IMO this is a great beginner video but if your looking for a workout to really get your heart pumpin you either gonna want to choose another video or work really hard to get your heart rate up there. I do like that each mile is broken up so you can stop at any point int he workout, there's also a nice 10 min. stretch that you can opt for. As with most of my Denise Austin videos I HATE that she is a professional who can't keep with the beat. Aren't instructors supposed to be able to hear a beat? I know it's a pet peeve of mine but I can't stand this about her videos. Anyhoo ... the music seems a little low or her voice is over powering ... my daughter hates her "fake smile, says it's creepy". It doesn't bother me ... but I don't like that I have a hard time hearing the music, makes me wonder if they are working out with no music & then it was dubbed in. I guess this sounds like I don't like thisvdeo but actually it's not all bad. It's a nice EASY workout for those days where you know you need to workout but just don't want to. You can get this at

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  1. I've found on my FitTv on Demand a woman who does the walking and she also has a one mile jog, which I do.  Do you know of any other videos like this that have the jog or run instead of the walk?