Monday, February 25, 2008

Can't Wake Up!

sleep I went to bed around 9 last night cause I was so tired ... knew I had an early morning. Ha, going to bed early didn't help me at all. I kept waking up all throughout the night & then this morning at 5:30 I pulled on my clothes to head to Curves. I totally sucked through the whole damned workout. My heart rate never even reached the 50% ... I feel like I wasted an hour of sleep. I came home & headed for bed ... couldn't sleep then either.

I feel like a zombie. I don't know what's wrong with me.

scale The scale was not my friend this morning ... I'm up yet again. 195.8 Friday, 199.8 this morning before my workout & 2 oz lost after my workout. Totally sucks. When I go back to the dietician in March if I have gained again then I am so done with her. I'll schedule another appointment with my doctor & say look ... something isn't right, why am I not losing but gaining?

 Thyroid Survivor I keep reading all these articles in different magazines that say 1 out of 4 women have a small thyroid problem & most doctors aren't reading the signs or their numbers are so borderline that the doc. think everything is fone. Uggg, I'm so frustrated cause in my mind I'm doing everything I should be with no weight loss to show for it. I do feel thinner ... my clothes feel somewhat loser, my emotions (until this morning) haven't been all over the place, I've flet at piece with being me but now ... I keep thinking I'm at ris for all these diseases & I can't seem to keep the weight from packing on. What to do?

Ok, off to drink some coffee in hopes of waking up. I'll have to put in anotherworkout since this mornings was so crappy. I lost my workout buddy for a good week cause she's going to see her grandbabies ... not really that much of a big deal though cause I have been thinking of dropping out of curves anyway. It's a 15 min drive there ... I'm leaving my kids at home sleeping (totaly creeps me out), I can only workout for 30 minutes so I feel like most days I'm not getting enough, I can't go more than once a day & it's $30 a month. I can workout here for free ... I have a weight bench, free weights, boke, treadmill & videos & I can go as long as I want & more than once a day. Oh well ... I'm just babbling on now ... have house work to get on then off to do a workout. I'm thinking my step video by Susan Powter, that'll wear my little ars out!


  1. Emmi, hope you were able to wake up, Love and Hugs Lisa

  2. I'm sorry you are going though this has to be frustrating.
    I have an underactive thyroid and take medication for it...dr. said it was one reason why I had been gaining weight. Course, my weight is pretty much the same lol
    You'll get back into the groove - so don't be too hard on yourself. Since you workout, you may be gaining a little muscle and that could cause the scale to read differently. Don't give up, you CAN do this!
    :) Sandi

  3. I think it is spring fever we ARE all going thru the wynter time blues hopefully it will pass and I can so relate to not affording the gym .

  4. Sorry you're feeling discouraged, Emmi.  But don't give up!  You are doing all the right things.

  5. Oh Emmi... hang in there girl.  I am not giving up and neither are you.  You have to just keep plugging alone.  There are days that we don't do as well as other days, so just step it up when you aren't as tired.