Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fund raiser

I know this is a little off diet topic but I wanted to share this with all of you. One of the ladies in TC (ThinChicks) group is holding a fund raiser for her daughters family. It's a fire relief fund. If you love magazines like I do then please click the following link to help Kathy's family, get great magazines but best of all save BIG $$$. Lots of diet & fitness magazines to choose from but other types to pick from to. If you already have subscriptions you can renew them online & she still gets credit for them. I've already renewed my kids magazine & prevention. =)

Everyone saves up to 85% on magazines. And our group keeps 40% of all purchase amounts!
Thanks for your support!

******** (Kat, Kspiritwmn) ******* !

Fire Relief Fund


  1. Thanks for the link.  There's a really big space in your entry, too.  So I had to look down and figure out where to go.

  2. You are great and I love the chocalote ,