Monday, February 11, 2008

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Healthy Way


Single or coupled, Valentine’s Day is impossible to ignore. The Valentine’s Days of our past were simpler—filled with homemade valentines for family members, cartoon cards for friends and (portion-controlled) sweets from our first loves, mom and dad.

Now it’s a commercialized holiday that tells us we need to dine out, buy gifts and indulge in treats.

But, you don’t need to swear off the celebrating because you’re following a weight-loss plan. Here are our top tips for having fun and making the most of this holiday while staying true to your healthy lifestyle.

  • Zero POINTS® Value Treats
    Valentine's Day is the sweetest day of the year, but you can show loved ones how much you care without a lot of POINTS values with these six suggestions.
  • Valentine’s Day Menus
    Here are three feasts for celebrating this holiday—one romantic, one for friends and an easy meal with kids.
  • Valentine's Day Chocolate Review
    We tested out the latest collections from today’s top chocolatiers, and rated their taste, texture, presentation and more. Feel free to reference our reviews when it’s time to go candy shopping.
  • The Foods of Love
    Learn about classic aphrodisiacs and healthy ways to work them into a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two.
  • Practice Yoga With Your Partner
    Get closer to your mate by taking time out of the day to stretch together. These five stretches can help you reconnect with your partner on Valentine's Day, or any day.


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