Monday, February 4, 2008

Nice Matters Award

Thank you to Lisa & Sherry who both picked little ole me. I was gonna be a party pooper & not make an entry but that's just not me. Anyway ...

I am suppose to pick at least 5 public journals to pass this on too... so I will be having a hard time doing that because I love all my jland friends and I am so scared of forgetting someone ... I have so many journals on alert that I have a hard time keeping up with all of you. I'm going to pick my friends who have not sent it to me cause I know thay have already been picked themselves ... some more than a couple of times.

1. Shelly A.K.A Roxy She's been a long time friend in j-land & the PSP world. I just love her to pieces & hope that one day we will meet. We're only a couple hours drive from one another.

2. Missie I know she's already recived the award but I'm giving it to her again cause she is one of the most open, honest, & sincere people I have talked with online.

3. Angela one of my first online buddies ... she's helped me through psp ... we've cried together, laughed together ... she's just the best! I love you sweetie!!!

4.Michele I could never forget my long time journal friend Michele ... another one of my close favorites. She's so genuine in everything she says or does. I couldn't imagine a week without her in it.

5. Christina ... no EVIL, I could never forget about you. We became fast friends & I love how you push me to be a better person day in & day out. I love ya girlie, please never stop being who you are.

Of course there are many others that light up my journal life but I'm only supposed to pick 5. Thank you all for blessing my life in one way or another. Your friendship indeed makes me smile.


  1. oh honey you so deserve it I know I am a better person because I can call you my friend.

  2. Well, thanks, Emmi.  That was very nice of you.  I'd almost forgot I had a's been forever since I wrote anything in it.