Wednesday, February 20, 2008



CURVES is so different from using free weights at home. Their machines are hydraulic so the faster you go the more you’re actually working the muscle which I have to get used to. Free weights are the slower the motion the better muscle you will achieve. The local Curves Logo here aren’t in a circle like I have heard others talk about but the trainer (Roxanne) said they also had many more machines than the average place so more ladies get a chance to work out at once.  I worked out on 15 machines then marched in place 15 times. The music was just like last night … high energy! Every minute a voice will come up & let you know it’s time to switch activities & about every 6 you had to check your heart rate. Of course I never made it out of the 50% range but I rarely do here at home when I push myself really hard. Roxanne told me to check my resting heart rate cause I just may have a body type that’s heart beats fewer times per minute than average so therefore my heart rate won’t get up to a certain number but I’m still getting a great workout. I know I was sweating about 15 minutes into the workout & I wasn’t pushing myself at all. I just wanted to get a feel for the machines & make for sure I was working them correctly. I’m still so shocked at the difference between machine & free weights.

I’ll be going back first thing in the morning … 6:30am. I’m hoping it won’t be as busy at that time as it was this morning at 10.

Wanna know more about CURVES & find one in your area? Click --> CURVES


Ok ... so I'm still pumped up from this mornings workout so what's a workoutoholic to do? If you guessed workout again then you guessed right. What can I say when I'm in the groove I just can't get enough cardio in. So ... todays video of the day is;

Redbook Shape Up 1-2-3This workout tape is a wonderful way to burn calories, tone and stretch out each morning. I love the beach and the background on this workout tape is beautiful, it's in Hawaii (oahu) The video is broken into 3 segments; 15 min aerobics which I felt was challenging enough to keep me interested (high impact option was shown as well), 15 min toning section ... I was thankful there weren't lunges cause my poor old knees can't take much more of those, then a 15 min stretch segment. I'm not big on lots of stretching afterward. I like my 5-7 moves that I hold for 10-15 sec but if ya like to stretch then this section is nice & calm.


  1. Curves is good for you because you don't workout with machines.  You are a DVD  You are also going to like getting out of the house and working out with others too.  Makes a huge difference.  Good luck!

  2. cool gym I wish I had one great job girl I am catching up on journals .

  3. Way to go, Emmi!  I'm glad you're getting so much joy out of your workouts.