Friday, February 8, 2008

New Video

AEROBIC DANCE Workout DVD Suzanne Cox New Sealed  I found mine at Walmart in the $1 bin ... yeah for me! I did it first thing this morning & OMG is it ever great! It's broken down into a 5 min warm-up, 5 min stretch, 5 min latin, retro, funk and a couple other styles. The the instructors do all the learned moves together for 5 minutes. Then it goes into a toning section. No weights required, it's all about using your own body's resistance. Let me tell ya ... I had to do the beginners version of this cause my shoulders were so spent that I couldn't do another lift even when I tried.

I love how this video was made for the beginner or advanced user. You could even go between the two versions if you can do something higher but other moves needed to be at a lower pace. Very good workout. I highly recommend this video. So while your at Walmart look around for the $1 bin. It may take a while to find a workout video cause it's in with cartoons, olf time movies etc. Digging through them is worth it though. I have so many $1 from Walmart & have yet to be disappointed in the buy.

Today was weigh in & I'm sad ... I'm up 2.8 pounds. Could be TOM ... more than likely it's the Chinese I decided to have for dinner last night instead of the fish that was planned. Oh well, lesson learned.


  1. I watched The View today and they had this guy that wrote a book called The No Cardio Diet, or something like that.  He was saying that cardio makes you fat, basically, it is the weight training that is going to take the weight off.  And I'm sure the food also, cuz he had a table of food that Whoopi would eat in a day.  He said that cardio makes you more hungry, and therefore you gain weight?  I think we need all three things to make it work.


  2. I am willing to try *THE NO CARDIO DIET*.  One week just diet and weights.  What do you think???