Friday, February 22, 2008

TC News


We still have one more week to go in this challenge so let's give it everything we have in us to get some of the extra off of us. 


 Please don't deprive your body of anything ... listen to it. Your body is an amazing piece of work, if you listen to it carefully it will tell you when your truly hungry & also let you know when it's had enough to nourish it. If you want fast food because you crave it or because your out & it's quicker I say have it just watch your portions. Skip the mayo/katsup ... mustard is so low in everything that it's basically a freebie. If you can't do a water order a diet soda or even a tea (no sugar) add sweetner for a zero calories drink. Actually it's about 10 calories but I call it a freebie to cause 10 min. of standing will burn it off.

  Stay active ... now I don't mean train for a marathon or become a gym rat, cleaning your house non stop for 30 minutes is staying active ... park in the back of the parking lot & walk in. Use the mall as a walking track that's sheltered from the weather, take the stairs whenever possible. While brushing your teeth do leg lifts ... carring bags of groceries in; do bicep curls. Use anything & everything as a way to stregthen your body. You can do it & each & every one of us is so worth it.


  1. Every time I'm stuck in a fast food restaurant, (which isn't often,) I just skip the bun and the fries.  I usually get a double meat cheeseburger, so it's enough to fill me up.

  2. I love the salads at Mc Donald's , Hugs Lisa

  3. great job to the losers and I am sure the gainers will get it off by next week go girls go

  4. Thanks for sticking me up right on the top....appriciate it...LOL.  OMG I could just throw up looking at that.  Makes me sick.  I am in a rut.  Don't even see a light at the end of the tunnel either.