Friday, February 22, 2008

Early to Rise

coffee 5:20 is just to damned early to be getting up in the morning for a damned workout ... I need coffee to get up this early but who the hell wants to go use the pisser every 5 minutes?

 curves Ok so I'm off to do my workout at Curves ... Debbie is gonna work her behind off this morning. I'm gonna push her so maybe she'll get the hint that I need an extra push. That's what workout buddies are for aren't they? My hamstrings are still sore ... I'm hoping they will losen up over the weekend. I'm not sure if I'll be going tomorrow or not. Saturdays are optional ... don;t know if Debbie will be going with me & not sure I want to go alone. There's a small window on Saturday ... just 8-12! I want to get the most out of my free week ... I will also want to get my moneys worth to. I wish you could go more than once a day but I understand their reasoning to ... they want your muscles to have plenty of time to repair themselves. Although a session is only 30 minutes you can stay & workout as long as you want ... who knows, maybe I will tomorrow. May end up going on a trail walk though ... it's always fun.

fat Ya know how I took my DS to the dr.'s yesterday? Well, he says that he weighs to much (150 lbs at 5 foot). He says I want lab work done to see if he has a thyroid problem. I wanted to flippin scream you ignorant piece of chit ... do you know how harmful it is to talk about being fat in front of a child? Now my DS is a little chunky but in his defense he's also built like a flipping tree trunk. The boys food is the same size as DH he's also wearing the same size pants. His shoulders are just as wide as I am. His problem area is just like me ...t he belly. It's the only place I really carry my weight ... the boy has so much muscle in his arms that it sometimes scares me when he gets angry ... he will punch his pillow & I fear he'll punch a hole through his bed. He's a strong little guy! DH & I have decided not to subject him to blood work but he will be getting away from the video games just so we know he is getting in enough activity. I know he's eating fruits & veggies so the only way to get a little weight off is through more activity & of course more water. It's really hard to get him to drink it. He's a soda lover but he will only drink diet ... water is still best though.

friday Have a happy weekend ... TOM is gone & I need to play catch up with the monkey love.


  1. Emmi, because of my blood pressure pills I am always using the pisser, lol. Enjoy your Friday, Hugs Lisa

  2. Woo Hoo.... Gotta LOVE the Monkey

  3. wow have a great weekend and girl I am so proud of you for for the loss

  4. you are too funny!!!!  

  5. Sorry to hear about your son.  My son is overweight also.  Not as much as I am, of course.  But enough.  And we both have our weight in our stomachs, too.