Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Plan for a Valentine Treat That's Healthy and Sweet!


Eating a heart-shaped box full of candy isn't the only way to celebrate Valentine's Day. This February 14th, be really good to your heart with these healthier options:

  • Remember it's about romance, not eating, so skip the candy in favor of non-sugary treats! The options are endless — go for some perfume, jewelry, a soothing massage, or a dreamy moonlit stroll instead!
  • When dining out, stick to the menu's healthier fare. Don't use the holiday as an excuse to derail your healthy habits.
  • Feed your sweetheart (and yourself!) some fresh strawberries with low-calorie whipped topping for dessert, rather than a high-fat, high-calorie choice. It's a romantic — and guilt-free — finish to your meal!
  • If chocolate is a must, keep it to a few bites. Remember, labeling a food "forbidden" often leads to a rebellious binge. So if you must, have just a little bit to satisfy your craving. If you think of it as a rare treat, you'll really savor the occasion!
  • Go easy on the alcohol. In addition to being loaded with empty calories, too much alcohol can lower your ability to make good and healthy choices.
  • If you blow it, don't beat yourself up. You don't want to be guilt-ridden post-Valentine's! Just get back on track and keep going! You're still doing great!


  1. Yes, this Valentine's Day I can't have any candy.  I've just avoided those sections of stores, lol.

  2. Emmi, I'm working tommorow for Valentine's Day, what fun huh ? Not !!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

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