Thursday, January 31, 2008

An 80's workout

Let's get physical ... physical ... I wanna get physical ... yeah I'm thinking Olivia Newton John cardio here. he he he. Do any of you remember the TV show 20 min workout? Well, my dear friend Michele was in a giving mood & sent me this video for my collection. I LOVE IT!!!!

OMG Michele ... thanks for this video. I remembered doing this video when I was in high school. Out PE teacher anted us girls to experience aerobics ... Beth Moto, the instructor was the first time I thought about exercising for my health. I was hooked on her moves within the week. I love this workout although I did have to motify a few of the moves cause now we know some of the moves can really tear up the body. It was a great stroll down memory lane ... I was sweating like a pig & will be doing this video again ... with motifcations of course.

Because this was only 20 minutes I have to get more of a workout in so I'm going for another oldie ... Denise Austin;

Denise Austin - Blast Away 10 LbsThis high-intensity workout is one of Austin's most energetic: two 20- minute cardio routines to burn fat and increase stamina. The first is a lively kickboxing workout. Exercisers with kickboxing training won't be overwhelmed by Austin's form and technique, but she still presents a good aerobic workout. The lighthearted music doesn't fit the workout, however, and she doesn't cue it well. The best instructors tell you what you're going to do before you do it, but Austin often cues on the move rather than before the move, so you're late incorporating changes. Once you get used to the choreography, you probably won't notice this. The second workout uses interval training to alternate cardio segments with short weight segments using light dumbbells. The cardio intervals in this workout are mostly athletic moves--jump rope, lunges, and plenty of kickboxing--with a few easy dance moves thrown in. If you're a Denise Austin fan and you're ready to pump up the intensity of your workout, you'll enjoy this video. I purchased this at Walmart several years back for about $10. I haven't seen it in stores but I'm sure it can be found on e-bay or


  1. 80's workout, now you're talking, Hugs Lisa

  2. I wondered what you would think about that one!!!  LMAO  I think that was the first one I ever bought.