Thursday, January 17, 2008

Learning something new

Well I asked for the nutritionist to pick apart my meals & boy oh boy was she able to pick it apart. I was shocked at how little I really knew about the foods I was taking in & how I was catagorizing them. I have always thought cheese is a milk group but it's actually a meat & oils catagory. Oh and peas is a starchy veggie ... that I was shocked to learn. Over all she said I had a good knowledge of what it takes to lose weight but when it's on paper it's not as good as I think it is. For example today's breakfast (see below entry) I had to much protein because I had 2 meats & according to the periodic table you should only have 4-6 in a whole day! Then with my ww meal she said wheres the fruit & veggies to make it well rounded? It's a chicken wrap with brown rice on the side. Another thing she said is I should be taking in around 1600 calories to maintain my weight (I already knew this) & should be taking in 1200-1400 calories to lose (already knew this to). Well, with me counting points I had gotten away from counting calories ... when she started counting calories of all the items it came out to really close to 1600 calories. When it all got boiled down I'm not eating 6 fruits & veggies like my body requires & most of my calories are coming from snacks. Snacks which aren't healthy choices. Low in WW points & calories but not weight losing choices. Gonna put my best food forward to do better this month.

Next ... I have been an exercise slacker & didn't even realize I had slacked off but my journal doesn't lie. There were a couple of days where I did 10 min pilates & a 20 min walk ... she said I need 60-90 min of overall activity to lose weight. This means 30-45 min of intense cardio every day then add pilates/strength training to that. So ... I guess my pilates wasn't enough for the day, I'll need to add a 2-4 mile walk or something high. Now to find the time for it!

It was such an eye opener ... I go back in 4 weeks to see how I am doing using the told she is giving me.

Oh forgot to mentiont hat I was 196.2 this morning here at home (nekked) at her office I was 196 with all my clothes on. WOW ... now that's a good feeling to know my scale is weighing me on the high side.


  1. I meant inspiration, Grrrrrr ca'nt spell worth a damn, Hugs Lisa

  2. Awwwww Emmi I have so much faith in you, you are an inpiration to me, Hugs Lisa

  3. It really is a hard job, this losing weight gig we've got going!!!!   LOL


  4. I don't know this is all confusing for me . how does a active person have the time to do that and live on those low of calories .

  5. She sounds like she knows what she is talking about.  Try it for the 4 weeks and see what happens.  Got nothing to lose...oh except

  6. Hey did you read the induction booklet with your weight watchers stuff? I noticed your still eating 26 points a day, but you've dropped down to 196 pounds which means your now in a different point range. You should only be having 24 points a day... that is why your nutritionist said your having 1600 cals a day... if you take those 2 points away you'll be in that 1400 cal range... just thought i would tell you if you didn't already figure that out! Arriel