Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it worth it?

I woke up this morning & thought I would take a peek at the scale to see what I would be looking at for weight loss tomorrow & got a huge shock. 199.2 ... I weighed myself 3 more times just to make for sure I wasn't seeing things. Each time I weighed it said the same damn thing. So now I'm wondering is it even worth trying? I have done everything the nutritionist said to do yet I gain ... I don't have a thyroid problem, it's not TOM's fault, it's not to much sodium, not enough fruit, veggies, dairy, or water. I can't explain it ... it can't be added muscle either cause I've only used my weights once last week.  I'm so damn frustrated & want to just say fuck it all it's just not worth the heartach not succeeding brings me & yet even as I sit here tears streaming down my face I can't seem to find the words in me to say I quit! Am I a masochist? Hell I don't know! I've gone over my food plan for the week & the only flaw I can see is maybe not enough fruits & veggies ... I'm about fruit & veggied out though.

Well, I'm getting off of here ... gonna workout & hopefully the weigh in this morning is just a fluke!


  1. Emmi, I wish I could give you a hug right now!!!  That is the most frustrating thing ever.  You work, and work, and work, doing everything right, and are not rewarded.  Don't give up though, we both know that is not the solution!!  

  2. Aww Emmi, I'm sorry! I know how hard it is, but don't give up! I know it sucks when you don't see the results you want. I know your very up to date on exercise and burning calories... but I've been learning a lot in my water aerobics class. I signed up to it, as an obligation to make me exercise those 2 days a week. Since doing it I have managed to lose 2 pounds, not even paying attention to what I'm eating! My instructor told me to burn fat and calories it depends on a target heart rate. I've been getting my heart rate to about 150 (based on my age) and I've seen results in the number so far. I don't know, but if you need help. I can try to help. I may not be good at staying on track for myself, but I'm good at helping others do it! Hope it gets better for you. ~Arriel

  3. Emmi ,
    It is worth it , and because you are trying to do it the right way , you are doing it the hard way, and yet won't it be better to know it won't come back on after you are at your goal.. this is not easy and it isn't quick , I am speaking to myself here as well as you, I know how hard it is to get it off and keep it off , but you know that you want to be more than on a smaller number on a scale , you want to see those babies have babies and be around to help them raise them, you want to healthy so dh and the kids don't have to take care of you , you want to be there when your dgranddaughter walks down the aisle and tell her how beautiful she is . if this was your daughter you would tell her that nothing is easy if it is worth having and to never give up keep going and you will make it.
    so I hope this helped and if you want to rant and rave tell me I am nuts you know the email and phone number ... vbg

  4. Awwwwwww honey do'nt cry it is worth it, you are worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are some big hugs for you (((((((((((((((((( Emmi )))))))))))))))))))) you are my motivation, do'nt forget that ok, Love You Lisa XO