Monday, January 21, 2008

Lower Points

Arriel brought it to my attention that now that I have lost weight & it's also 2 weeks later my points should have dropped. I was clueless on this front so I looked through WW site to find out what it should be ... she said it should drop 2 points (I starting thinking OMG I'm gonna starve) I redid the little questionaire thingy & it's all good, I only had to drop a point. I can handle this ... I think!

Here's my day ... higher then it could have been  .. DH is home & he makes delicious pancakes that I find hard to turn down.

2  item pancake(s) 6
4  halves walnut halves 1.5
4  packet Granulated Sugar Substitute 0
2  Tbsp fat-free creamer 0.5
1  cup black coffee 0
2  Tbsp reduced-calorie pancake syrup 1
Subtotal 9
8  oz Strawberry banana juice 2
2  Tbsp reduced-calorie Italian salad dressing 1
2  cup mixed baby greens 0
1  package Penne Pollo 6
Subtotal 9
1  cup cooked broccoli 0
1/4 cup cooked brown rice 1
1/2 breast uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breast 3
Subtotal 4
3  cups plain air-popped popcorn 1
1  large banana(s) 2
Subtotal 3
Food POINTS values total used 25
Food POINTS values remaining 0


  1. Emmi, you are doing so good, keep it up !!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  2. Jillian from The Biggest Loser said that you shouldn't *drink your calories*.  I haven't noticed, but that strawberry juice you had... as long as its once in a while, is okay.   Why waste the points on liquid if you can have FOOD...LOL

  3. I am so scared to redo my spark but I have to do that because I think that may be why I am not losing either

  4. Sorry about that! The website must be different then the book that i have. But I'm sure the website is more precise than the book which gives a weight range and a point range, but thats how i'm told it works.... every time you lose some, check to see what weight range you fall into, because that will mean lowering your points a bit more. But it should work! If only i could folow my own advice and stick to a plan!!