Monday, January 14, 2008

Great finds

Seems like everywhere I turn I'm running into great workout video finds. Today's little gem is by Michelle Rotell. Not that I expect you to know the name ... hell I don't even know the name. The display case just made it out to be like she is this well known fitness woman that everyone should know. If she's not got a TV show ... then who the hell is she? he he he

Anyway ... on to the reviews. Oh before I do that I should let ya know I only paid $1 for this baby at Wallyworld. It's where America shops ya know! I'll make for sure I come back & let ya know it's it's a buck for a reason. I really hope it's a good one. Off to do my workout. Have a great Monday morning.


UPDATE: This is a very good video & well worth the buck I spent. I would have paid more had I know it was this good. It was a combination of medium cardio ie squats, leg lifts, plie' then back over the 3 again. Each set was a minute long. Then you go down to the floor for abdominal work, inner & outer thigh work all a min each then repeat. Then it's back up on your feet to repeat the whole thing over again. My butt is burning but my heart was up so I feel good about it.

I love how many options there were ... you could use weights or add hops to get a more intense workout. Well choreographed, easy to follow!

This fitness guru will get you into shape (hopefully me to) faster than you thought possible with her 30 min. express serious of workout videos. (She has two more in this series just couldn't find them). Lose weight, build muscle & achieve that chiseled look you've always wanted by following the easy to follow workout routines.

Below the Belt provides an extensive workout in 30 minutes. (Who could ask for anything better, right?) You'll be isolating the lower body & it's problem areas (so many for me that I don't know if that's really possible  =D). Anyway, the legs, thighs & your chunky monkey ass are hit with different exercises until the full potential of the workout is achieved.


  1. Sounds good... Hope it's worth the buck!

  2. sounds like a good one.

  3. I just could not be one to hold out hope from a video that only cost a dolla.
    On the other hand, I would not pay a high price for one see where I am going here>>>>hehehehe


  4. Let me know how you like it, Hugs Lisa

  5. I think it is more than worth a dollar congratulations on the find